Halldor Matthias Sigurdsson

M.Sc., Ph.D. Telecommunications



My life at a glance:



I am a 34 year old Icelander, living with my wife Beinta Fossádal in Copenhagen, Denmark. We got married in the Faroe Islands in 2005 and had the great fortune of becoming parents in October 2006. After growing up in Iceland, I been living for longer periods in as diverse places as Cuba, USA, Norway, UK, and China.

I enjoy physical as well as mental challenges and try to go exciting paths through life. I consider myself hard working and willing to pursue my goals.
I hold a Ph.D. degree in telecommunications, and a M.Sc./Civ.Ing degree in industrial engineering, both from the Danish Technical University. My Ph.D. project was entitled "Techno-Economics of Residential Broadband Development" where I compared the financial and technical aspects of wide-scale FTTH and DSL deployment .

I am currently working for McKinsey & Company in Copenhagen. In prior to that, I have e.g. worked as a guest researcher at the University of Oslo, University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research Asia.

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Recent Highlights

Had a healthy and beautiful boy on the 18.10.06
See his webpage here
Started working at McKinsey & Company,
in March 2007.
I am expecting my fist child in October 2006 Worked as a guest researcher at the
University of Cambridge for five months in 2005
Got married in the Faroe Islands in 2005
See the webpage here
Worked for four months at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, China, in 2005
Bought a house in Valby Have in 2006 Worked as a guest researcher for half a year at the University of Oslo in 2004